Fortnight feels #4



I decided to include some of the extra special books that my daughters love, and The Last Stop On Market Street came to mind straight away.

Most of the story takes place on a bus with little CJ and his grandmother. CJ is coming to terms with not having fancy things like some of his peers and doesn't like having to ride the bus.

CJ's grandmother gently and beautifully gives him lesson after lesson on gratitude and finding the magic in everyday things and, more importantly, everyday people.

There's one part where CJ is sad he doesn't have an iPod, so his grandmother asks a man holding a guitar on the bus to play a song. They close their eyes and let the music take them far away, and CJ loses himself in the moment.

I definitely recommend this one for bedtime reading. I've had some really cute conversations with my 5-year-old after this book.


Samm Henshaw's preacher's son upbringing is pretty apparent in his music, and I'm so here for it.

This song had me hooked from the first listen. The video is great too. Upbeat, gospel pop, with a genie riding a meteor towards the actual church where Sam's father is the minister - what's not to love!?

All Good is a close favourite. I went into 2022 with these lyrics close to my heart:

It's all good, wait a minute
I got joy in my spirit
I got some money in my pocket
And some sеasoning for my chicken
Why am I stressing?

I also love his album Untidy Soul from beginning to end! 💕

Working on

I'm getting together a new collection of build-your-own bundle sets - where you choose your earring style, then add in extra charms. The charms will be significantly discounted, so I'm hoping it'll feel like you're getting three pairs of earrings for an awesome price! 

Ruth x