Maria Maria is a small, independent jewellery label that hails from West Auckland, Aotearoa. We create fun and unique jewellery that's beautifully packaged and built to last.

Gold-filled and sterling silver components are the bedrock of our creations.  We want our customers to enjoy their treasures for many years to come and give gifts that will hold special meaning into the future.   

The name Maria Maria is inspired by three very special ladies in my life. My oma's (grandmother) name was Maria, my daughter's middle name is Maria, and my gorgeous stepdaughter's middle name is Malia - the Polynesian version of Maria - what a beautiful coincidence!

Growing up, Oma's home was a place of peace, creativity and comfort. She was a lover of art, and I would spend hours immersed in the pages of her art books. She would pull out her old typewriter and ask me to write her a letter, teach me watercolour painting or ask me to pick some flowers from around the neighbourhood that she would carefully arrange in her wall vase. She adored classical music, and once when I commented on how much she loved her records, she replied, "They are more than songs to me darling, they're like old friends."

Maria Maria is a nod to my oma and how I felt in her home: safe, seen and inspired. Feelings I now want to foster within my family and with my two little Marias.