Solid Gold - This one is pretty self-explanatory. The crème de la crème of gold jewellery. Gold all the way through, no rubbing off, no tarnishing, heirloom-quality jewellery - but with a price tag to show for it.

Gold-filled - It's safe to say that we LOVE gold-filled jewellery. It is the perfect solution for gold lovers that don't want the hefty price tag of solid gold or the limited durability and eventual heartbreak of gold plated. 

Don't mistake gold-filled as thick gold plating - the process is completely different.

Gold-filled jewellery involves bonding a thick layer of solid gold over a base metal. The results are beautiful. The durability is excellent and it’s ideal for sensitive skin. Even with daily wear, you'll get 10+ years out of your gold-filled pieces, probably more.

What is gold-filled?

Our approach with gold-filled pieces is we aim to use this method in all of our ‘high-touch’ areas. So, all of our ear hooks and hoops, chains and other components that have regular contact with the skin will mostly be gold-filled.

This can put the prices up compared to the many plated brands on the market, but we think it's well worth the extra investment to be able to wear your pieces for many years to come.

Gold Plated - Gold plated jewellery has its place, but it's usually around for a good time, not a long time, if you catch my drift.

The process of gold plating involves dipping a component made out of a base metal, like brass, copper or sterling silver in heated liquid gold. The results look great, but the thin layer of gold inevitably wears away or tarnishes. The upside is it's affordable, and while it lasts, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

We aim to make jewellery to last you for many years to come but without the hefty price tag of solid gold pieces that just aren't an option for most of us.

Our approach with gold-plated pieces is that we only use them in low touch areas. For example, charms on our gold-filled hoops or connecting pieces that don't have regular contact with the skin. That way, with good care, and the occasional wipe down, our gold plated components will serve you well while keeping the price down.