Fortnight Feels #2

What we're listening to, reading, loving, coveting and making at the moment ✨   


Jon Batiste has been bringing my family serious joy for a while now. We regularly play the videos for Freedom and I Need You while dancing around like giant dorks trying to emulate his incredible moves. His 2020 album We Are is an absolute pleasure from beginning to end. Think upbeat nostalgia, soul, gospel good times! My top songs from the album are We Are, Freedom, and Boyhood

John Batiste


She is Not Your Rehab is a powerful book that left me in tears on the reg. Matt Brown's journey and the courage he had to be so utterly vulnerable in his writing is nothing short of inspiring. The book is aimed at men, but regardless, I got so much out of it. Matt talks about shame and its effects on men. He explains how toxic masculinity tells our boys and men that anger and violence are the only acceptable ways to express pain and trauma. He beautifully describes how he's never met a person who doesn't want to love and be loved. Connection is what we're here for, but our baggage so often messes with our ability to have healthy relationships. One of my favourite parts is when he described learning to father himself, and how he would talk to himself softly and gently like the loving father he never had - it's beautiful. I'm also crushing hard on his wife Sarah and the work she's doing in her own right to make change in people's lives. What a couple! 

She is not your Rehab


Pretty much everything from Aho Creative! Their vision is to design and create taonga (treasures) that celebrate and whakamana (affirm) our unique identity, culture, and aesthetic inheritance in Aotearoa. I bought a wrap and sheet set for a friend with a new bub recently that they're effing lush! I'm eyeing up a sarong now... 

Aho Creative

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